Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Burbs - Kanata

This is our regular breakfast spot so it seems appropriate that we review them first. The Burbs is a small pub/restaurant located on Hazeldean road in Kanata. It opened about a year ago, and since then, we have been going nearly every weekend for breakfast. We never have to wait for a table and the food is always delicious. It isn't anything extraordinary and isn't exceptional for family friendliness, but we always feel welcome and always leave happy. The place has small tables for 2 that are pushed together in groups for 4 or 6 seats. The washrooms are ok. Not very clean, but there is a change table in the woman's bathroom. The staff is friendly and we have never had any issues. They have plenty of high chairs but no kids menu. The front doors are a pain in the butt with small kids. They are heavy and there are 2 doors to open which is a hassle with a carseat and a toddler, They have some colouring books at the front, but I guess you have to help yourself to them, as we are never offered them. We have occasionally had staff change the tv channels for us to cartoons for our little one.

Toast Man always gets the same the same thing, The Hangover Helper. This meal is $14 and includes 3 eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, 2 large pancakes, fruit, toast, and a poutine (yes..a poutine!). Since there is no kids menu, him and Toast Girl usually share this. Honestly, we could get away with all sharing this meal. It is huge! Instead, we bring home the extras and give them to Toast Girl for breakfast on Monday morning. The pancakes are fluffy, vanilla flavoured and delicious and the poutine is amazing. The fruit has shrunk over the months of being open. I remember being so impressed the first visit with a big bowl of mixed berries, then cut fruit, then a small fruit cup, then a tiny tiny fruit cup, and now it is only a single slice of orange or melon. So if you are expecting art sculptures of fruit decoration your plate, then you will be disappointed. However, the rest of the food is great so we keep coming back.

I get the 2 egg breakfast with 2 eggs, ham/sausage/or bacon, rye toast, "fruit", and homefries. The homefries are good here. That is a deal maker/breaker for us. The homefries must be good. Both meals include very decent coffee and it is unlimited. My meal is $8.

We really enjoy eating at this place and we aren't entirely sure why it is our favourite. But we keep going back and our daughter will wake us up on Saturday mornings asking to go to the Burbs.

The menu is online here

2 Egg Breakfast

Hangover Helper Part 1

Hangover Helper Part 2

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