Friday, 28 December 2012

Eggspectation - Downtown

This morning we were off to try out Art is In. When we arrived there, we found it to be closed for the holidays so we headed to Eggspectation instead. I am so glad we did, because the food was unbeatable! Upon arrival, we were seated by the hostess right away at a table for 4 with a high chair on each end. One of the 2 high chairs had a broken buckle so I ended up tying a knot in it instead. They brought a colouring book/menu and some crayons for Toast Girl.

We were brought some coffee and orange juice. The coffee was great and the orange juice was freshly squeezed and refreshing. The menu was huge and it all sounded so good. One page was devoted to benedicts while the kids menu had a full range of breakfast and lunch options.

I decided on the "Bravocado" benedict, Toast Man ordered the "Eggstravaganza", my good friend, Ainsley, ordered the "Southwest Sunrise" omelette, and Toast Girl ordered her usual chocolate chip pancakes.

The food took about 10-15 minutes to arrive and the adult dishes all arrived first. Toast Girl munched on my homefries while I took pictures and we waited for hers to arrive about 2 minutes later.

Now onto the good stuff- The food! My meal, the "Bravocado" is described in their menu as "Two perfectly poached eggs served on half an avocado with lightly spiced tomato sauce and melted Parmesan and cheddar cheeses. Served with our Lyonnaise-style potatoes." It is priced at $13.95. The idea of eggs and avocados had me wondering, but the fiery tomato sauce turned them into a mingling fiesta. There is no bread on this plate, nor is there any traditional holandaise sauce. The taste was smooth and peppery at once and if it would have been socially acceptable, I might have licked my plate. There was still sauce left afterwards to dip my homefries in which was a big bonus! They were great on their own, but I love an extra pep to my food and this was perfect. The fresh fruit on my plate had the perfect ripeness. I was more than pleased and still pleasantly stuffed afterwards.

I had the pleasure of sampling Toast Man's french toast and Toast Girl's pancake and both were indulgent! Super fresh and cooked to perfection. They were clearly made on location and they were served with real maple syrup. Toast Man enjoyed all of his breakfast and left raving about it. We both agree on 5 toasts for taste and will be using this Eggspectations as a landmark for the 5 toast rating on taste. Toast Man's breakfast included: 2 eggs- any style(scrambled), 2 slices of brioche french toast, ham/bacon/sausage, and homefries. It was $11.95.

Ainsley had the "Southwest Sunrise" omelette which was made with 3 cheeses, peppers, avocado, salsa and sour cream. It was served with fruit and homefries. She said it was more than fantastic.

Toast Girel's pancakes were decadent. They were cooked with chocolate chips and then had them piled on top as well, melted and delicious. She love the maple syrup.

When the adults were all finished the waiter came and took all of our plates. I wasn't paying attention when he took Toast Girl's plate as well until she asked me "Mommy, Where did my pancakes go?". I called the waiter over and asked if he could bring them back. I guess it was too late because within 2 minutes the kitchen had whipped up another plate of them. The waiter brought them and apologised profusely for the mistake. He then came back a few minutes later with a take-out box with another bunch of chocolate chip pancakes to go. Way to make up for an error! That earned some brownie points for us for sure.

We didn't visit the washroom, but there was a sign that pointed to them saying that there was a change station there as well.


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