Saturday, 8 December 2012

Big Rig Brewery

This morning we stopped to eat breakfast at a new restaurant called Big Rig Brewery. It was recently built by Ikea and is a very attractive looking place. Upon entering, my toddler was very impressed by the beautiful Christmas tree and decorations while my husband marvelled at the massive brewery room at the far end. There were only a handful of people seated at that time, but it did get a bit busier as we ate. There was a good selection of booths and tables. There were still plenty of tables available the entire time, though, and the place is quite big. We were seated at a booth (not connected underneath! yeay!) and Toast Girl was given a colouring page and crayons. They offered us a highchair or a booster seat. The menu included a kids menu with options like pancakes, grilled cheese, bacon+eggs, meat and toast, or fruit and granola. Being a pancake expert (ahem... addict..), Toast Girl ordered the pancakes. I chose the Benedict off the regular menu and Toast Man chose the Ottawa's favourite special with 2 eggs, bacon, home fries, and toast. The kids meals are $2.99 and come with milk or juice. The 2 egg special was $7.99 and my Benny was pricier at $12.50. I believe our meals included coffee.

The service was decent. Our waitress came back frequently to refill our coffees, and check up on how things were. It took about 10 minutes to get our food. When it arrived, we were already impressed. Toast Girl's pancakes were shaped like a happy face and had rainbow sprinkles in them. They were served with real maple syrup and some fruit (a slice of orange and a slice of watermelon). She ate nearly all of her meal and carried the rest home with her. She told us that they were the "Best Pancakes Ever!". I tasted them, and they weren't anything amazing. I actually found them sort of bland, but the maple syrup made them tastier, and the creativity that went into them, added a fun extra.

My Benedict looked amazing. I tried the home fries first and they were delicious. They were specially seasoned and cooked with onions. I was disappointed when I had to share some with my offspring. The Benedict was really good too. It was made with peameal bacon and the hollandaise sauce tasted homemade. I asked our server if it was, but she wasn't sure. Regardless, it was delicious. Toast Man and I also go the same side of fruit as Toast Girl.

Toast man's breakfast included two eggs which he got scrambled to share with the little one; bacon, which was delicious and crispy; those mouth watering home fries; and toast. They also brought out a tiny cup of ketchup which was actually home made with beer. It was quite good.

After breakfast, I brought Toast Girl to the washroom to get some of the syrup off of her. The washroom was clean and modern and did have a change table in the handicapped stall. I would certainly feel comfortable changing her there.

Overall, we were very impressed with the place. We were the only family there, but we felt at ease. The food was fantastic and they accommodated our little ones. We would happily eat breakfast there again, or take an evening out for drinks with some friends.

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