Saturday, 29 March 2014


March isn't complete without a visit to the sugar bush! This morning we visited our favourite one, Fulton's, which I have been visiting every spring since I was a baby. It was wonderful to share the experience with my own children, and the activities never disappoint. We got there around 11:30am, and waiting in line for our food. There is typically a line out the door, but it moves fairly quickly. The menu consists of platters of pancakes, sausages, baked beans, and beverages. But the thing that makes everyone excited, is the maple syrup. The pancakes are plain, the sausages are pretty good, and the beans are great. There are 2 kids options: pancakes with beans or sausages. They also get a cookie and a drink. The restaurant itself is a seat yourself lodge. There were plenty of high chairs. There are kids everywhere, it's far from quiet, and you share a table with strangers. But for this family, that was great. We brought along Toast Grandma, Toast Grandpa, Toast Great-Grandma, and Toast Great-Grandpa (who is 91 years old!). Toast Grandpa mingled with his new friends at the table, Toast Girl enjoyed running around with her Toast Grandma, and Toast boy was snuggled in asleep in the toddler Tula. After we were done, we went outside to play. Toast Girl got her face painted.. She asked for a Peacock! They did a really great job, with that one! We all piled onto the horse and sleigh ride around the woods, we learned how maple syrup was made, and enjoyed some maple taffy. The kids had a blast in the playgrounds. There are plenty of child friendly hiking trails, sliding hills, and room to run around for the kids. We had a ball! Everything is reasonably priced at about $2 per person, and it is all cash only so make sure to take it out before you head over.

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Food Quality/Taste: (The food is bulk cafeteria style, but the maple syrup gets a 5!)

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Al's Diner

We took a friend's recommendation to try out Al's Diner. This place is tucked away on Clyde, just off of Carling ave. The waitresses seated us right away, wherever we would like, and brought over a high chair, some crayons, and colouring books. We looked over the menu and placed our orders, then barely had a sip of our coffees before the food was all brought out together. I have never seen our meals come out so quickly before!

This restaurant advertises that they specialise in smoked meat, so I tried the smoked meat Benedict. It was really tasty, and I would totally order it again. I wasn't a big fan of the home-fries, but the kids and Toast man enjoyed them. Toast man had the "Al's big hit" with French toast. He liked it. It was satisfying and he would eat it again. Toast girl ordered banana pancakes, which she devoured. And Toast Boy had the kids egg and bacon breakfast. He ate every bite.

As far as greasy spoon breakfasts go, this one was quite good. The price tag was amazing and the speed of service was top notch. I'm impressed and will keep it in mind for future outings.

The restaurant had plenty of high chairs and booster seats, they also had car-seat slings and were very child friendly. The washrooms, however, did not have change tables.

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The menu is available online here Al's Diner on Urbanspoon

Friday, 21 March 2014


This was our second visit to Zola's restaurant in Bell's Corners. The first time, the food and service were both great, but for some reason we never got around to writing a review. We were excited to return to finally write their review. When you walk into Zola's the first thing that hits you is the smell of baking bread. It makes you hungry instantly and draws you in to sit down. The had high chairs for the kids and a kids menu.

I ordered the Lemon blueberry risotto pancakes, Toast Man had an omelette, Toast Girl had French toast, and Toast Boy had a scrambled egg breakfast. The pancakes weren't as great as the name. I found the flavour too bland, and it was too much of the same thing. The omelette was highly enjoyed by Toast man. Toast Girl loved the french toast, and Toast boy ate more than Ive seen him eat before. The server took a long time to bring the bill after we requested it, so Toast Girl did some photography of her own, that you get to enjoy!

The food is served with with a side of fried tomato unless you request something else. We assumed that it was served with potatoes, and I believe the chefs in the kitchen overheard my husband say this to me, as he quickly cooked up some home fries and asked for them to be served to our table. So, great service from the kitchen!
Toast Girl's photography - juice and wooden doll 

Toast Girl's photography- kitty cat

Toast Girl's photography- the restaurant

The kitchen

Blueberry Lemon risotto pancakes

Kids bacon and eggs breakfast


Side of potatoes- delicious if you love pepper (I do!), but too spicy for the kids.

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Tandoori Fusion - Bells Corners

This post is a little different than the others. We headed over to Tandoori Fusion this morning to investigate the Urbanspoon listing that said they served brunch. When we walked up to the restaurant, we hesitated momentarily. The setting isn't exactly inviting, being tucked away behind McDonalds in a strip mall with neighbours like a paintball supply store and an adult shop. However, when we walked through the doors, that was all forgotten. The decor was modern and elegant with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and art on the walls. We were the only ones in the restaurant and the woman who greeted us was incredibly friendly. We were brought a high chair and waters. The brunch was a buffet with Pakistani and Indian foods, not your typical eggs and bacon, but we were happy with a change. The selections included butter chicken, chick peas, rice, and a couple of other things that I didn't recognise. It all tasted great! They offered to cook anything ("Anything at all!" They said) for the kids in case it was too spicy for them but the kids were happy with the rice, nann, spring-rolls and desserts. I love that we didn't need to wait for the food, and that we could pick and choose what to get for the kids. The service was incomparable. They were cleaning up the mess that Toast Boy made and offered to switch our table if we wanted a fresh one. We laughed because we were worried that THEY would have been upset by the mess. They were all super accommodating and welcoming. I can't wait to go back.

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Tandoori Fusion on Urbanspoon Zola's Restaurant on Urbanspoon