Sunday, 23 December 2012

Graffiti's Restaurant- Kanata

This morning, my mom treated us to Breakfast at Graffiti's inside the Holiday Inn, located in the Kanata Centrum. When we arrived we were seated in a big round booth. The hostess gave tOAST girl a kids menu and some crayons.

Our waiter came to take our drink orders and brought back 2 coffee carafes (decaf and..not decaf) and a milk for Toast Girl (with a lid! Thank you!). It was very nice to have the coffee pots right on the table.

The menu sounded delicious! I ordered the "Italian Toast" ($11.99) which was a french toast panini stuffed with mango puree and topped with almonds with a side of farmer's sausages . Toast Man and Toast Grandma both had the "Graffiti's Breakfast Special" ($5.99) with 2 eggs, toast, homefries, a tomato, and a choice between bacon, capicola ham, or farmer's sausage. Toast Grandma had the ham and Toast Man ordered the bacon. Toast Girl ordered (can't you guess by now?) the pancakes with a side of ham ($4).

It took a long time for the food to come (over 20 minutes) and the kids were getting grumpy. Toast Gril started climbing all around the booth and ended up hitting her head. During this time, the waiter didn't come to update us on the food status at all.

When the food finally arrived, it looked great! Each plate was laid out nicely. The pancakes were brought with real Ontario maple syrup. The mango Italian Toast was great. The sausage was better! Toast Man and Grandma loved the homefries which were served with pesto. The meats were all great. We were very impressed with all of our meals, except for Toast Girl. She took a bite of pancakes and said she didn't like them. That is the first time that has happened.

There weren't many kids there and when ours started to get antsy we got a few looks. There were no washroom inside the restaurant but there was one in the hotel lobby. There was a change table there as well.

Their menu is available here

"Italian Toast with Farmer's Sausage

Kids Pancakes served with ham

Graffiti's special with bacon

Graffiti's special with ham
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  1. I agree with Toast Girl. The food here is horrible. Never again.