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On Saturday morning we headed to Eggstyle in Kanata Centrum. We had been there a couple of times before and were hesitant to visit again because the service had always left something to be desired. However, on our previous visit, we had a friendly waiter, so we gave them another chance.
I am very happy to say that have gotten their act together and hired some great staff. Our experience has changed drastically, for the better.

When we arrived we were greeted with a warm welcome. The hostess acknowledged both us and our kids and sat us in a booth immediatly. They brought Toast Girl a placemat and crayons and offered us highchairs or booster seats. Our waitress was very friendly and made a happy fuss over the kids, which they always love. She brought out our coffees and a chocolate milk for Toast Girl. The milk was in a glass cup with a straw and no lid. I do wish they would switch to more kid friendly cups with lids because it took only seconds before there was chocolate milk everywhere. Our coffees were refilled frequently and well before our mugs were empty.

There was a kids meal with options like chocolate chip or blueberry crepes, french toast, bacon+eggs, cereal and fruit. They were about $7 and included a drink. On this particular day, Toast Man decided to order a meal that included a pancake so that he could share with her. For a buck extra they added chocolate chips. The food arrived in less than 10 minutes and it all came together. Our meals were around $15. Because we shared with our daughter instead of ordering the kids menu, we saved some money. It is not a cheap breakfast, but you get a lot of bang for your buck.

I ordered the portabello and brie eggs benedict with dill holandaise and it was fantastic! It came with an impressive display of fresh fruits as well as homefries. The homefries were cooked with green onions and were also quite tasty. It also came with a small bowl of cinnamon apples. They are really tasty and were quickly confiscated by our daughter. Toast Man's breakfast, "The Giant", included 2 eggs, toast, bacon, ham, sausage, pancake, homefries, beans, cinnamon cooked apples, and capers, and fruit.  The sausages were the flat kind, and were pretty good. Everything was really tasty. Toast Girl's chocolate chip pancakes were again "the best pancakes ever".

The washrooms have change tables and were pretty clean. There were also lots of kids in the restaurant so we weren't too concerned when ours forgot to use their indoor voices. The staff was all very friendly yesterday and overall we found the experience very enjoyable and would be happy to return. I am really happy that the service improved so much as it made our experience great. Overall, this is a great restaurant to visit with kids or without!

Portabello mushroom and brie benedict with dill holandaise served with homefries, cooked apples, and fruit. Delish!

The Giant breakfast

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