Sunday, 2 December 2012

Local Heroes- Bell's Corners

This morning we tried out Local Heroes on Robertson Road in Bells Corners for the first time.

The wait to be seated was about 3 minutes, even though it wasn't very busy. We quickly noticed that this restaurant offered booths that don't connect underneath, which is essential for toddlers. They also have regular tables and several highchairs available. Unlike most pubs, Local Heroes offers a kids breakfast menu (item + juice/milk/chocolate milk) which is a plus.
The adult menu was very affordable, about $7 for the "What's so" breakfast that has two eggs, bacon+sausage, home fries (or a hashbrown), toast and unlimited coffee. It should be noted that some breakfasts (like the Eggs Bene) don't include coffee and if you order it on the side it only includes one refill, though in our case it wasn't adhered to.

The regular breakfast (what's so) was pretty good; decent home fries, good sausage and bacon, etc. Toast Mom got the eggs benedict which was pretty bad (and didn't include coffee!).

Toast Girl ordered pancakes (as usual!) and they were pretty good for the 4.15 price tag. They were two small pancakes (about the size of a softball). Most places charge $3 for milk, which is included here, so it's a pretty decent deal.

Service was OK and friendly.

All in all, breakfast was OK but we definetely not go out of our way to come back. And realistically, we'd probably rather try somewhere new if we were in the area.

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