Monday, 17 December 2012

Don Cherry's

Our Saturday morning breakfast was at Don Cherry's in Kanata, next to the Hazeldean mall. At first glance, it seemed promising especially considering the fact that each table had it's own TV. We were seated right away in a booth and tuned the TV to treehouse. Toast Girl was happy to watch a show about knights and she also got a placemat colouring page with crayons. The bench was big enough to hold the carseat next to Pat and leave the table cleared for all of our other stuff. They had high chairs for the kids and the bathroom had a change table in it as well.

The menu selection was alright. It wasn't anything spectacular. There was no children's menu for breakfast and when we asked if it would be possible to get a half order of pancakes, we were told that they could make them half the size but at full price. The other option we were given was to order the "Two on Two" meal that came with pancakes and share it. There was only one option that included the pancakes, so one of our meals was chosen already. Toast Man shared that with Toast Girl and I ordered the vegetarian skillet. Both meals came with a coffee and we ordered a milk for Toast Girl which came in a glass cup with a straw.

The service was alright but not exceptional. The waitress didn't seem to like kids, but brought coffee over a few times. There were several other children in the restaurant.

The food was ok, but nothing special. My breakfast was made up of chopped green pepper and onions, cooked in egg, and topped with cheese. It came with a choice of toast as well including Rye, which I chose. It was pretty good and I enjoyed it, but you have to like those veggies to enjoy it. The rye toast was good too.

The "Two on Two" breakfast ($9.99) came with 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and a choice of homefries or beans. Pat chose the homefries. The pancakes  weren't great, but Toast Girl ate about half of them. Toast Man needed ketchup on his homefries because they were bland. The meats and eggs were alright. No complaints there, but again, nothing special.

The washrooms had change tables and the restaurant had high chairs.

Overall our family friendly rating wouldn't be great, except for the TVs. This little distraction could make a restless child quiet long enough to let you taste your food and drink your coffee last more than a few gulps. This might bring us back again.

The menu is available online here

Vegetarian skillet
2 on 2 part 1
Two on Two Part 2

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