Monday, 3 December 2012

Summerhays- Baseline

If you're looking for good cheap eats, think like a student. Right next to Algonquin college is a great spot called Summerhays. This was a favourite hangout for Toast Man while he studied at Algonquin.It is a bright and sunny restaurant with summery/artistic decor. It is quite large with a restaurant area on the left and a bar on the right. We have sat on both sides while there and have always had good experiences.

Our most recent visit was the weekend before this past one, and it was a great experience. When we walked in we were immediately seated at a table with a bench on one side and chairs on the other. We were offered a highchair, booster seat, kids menu and crayons. The waitress was ready to take our order right away but we needed a few minutes to look at the menu. I ordered the Summerhays Breakfast with 2 eggs, homefries, sausage, and toast. Priced at $4.25, it certainly meets our budget requirements! Toast Man ordered the Superboy breakfast which came with 3 eggs, bacon, Oktoberfest sausage, homefries and toast and was $8.25. Toast Girl ordered waffles off the kids menu which was $4.50. On top of those prices, we ordered 2 coffees ($2 each with free refills) and a small milk ($2.25).

Our waitress was fantastic and clearly had kids of her own. The food arrived in about 5 minutes  or less and she told us that she put a rush on it because we have 2 kids. She also brought our bill out with the food in case we needed to make a quick exit.  Everything was delicious. Toast Man really enjoyed his Oktoberfest sausages and Toast Girl loved her pancakes. This experience is certainly one of our top picks for a family friendly, affordable breakfast and it is largely because of that one waitress.

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