Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Rockin Johnny's Diner - Kanata

Well, we needed to visit Dollarama this morning and decided to have a late breakfast at Rockin Johny's Diner on Hazeldean road first. We walked in and joined a cluster of 3 groups waiting for a table. Despite it being very quiet, no one acknowledged any of us for at least 5 minutes and continued to clean up all the tables before moving onto the waiting customers. We were directed to a booth with menus dropped on the table and she quickly walked away. There was no friendly greeting, offer for high chairs, drink orders, colouring pages brought, or any sort of chit chat. We thought, oh great.. this is going to be fun.

After about 15 minutes she came back for our order. My husband was choosing off of the all day breakfast but reading the full descriptions on the breakfast page. The waitress actually pushed his hand off of the menu and turned the page to the full day breakfast for him, saying "You're on the wrong page" with a condecending and frustrated tone and then stared at me expectantly for an order. I ordered the fritata with coffee and my daughter chose the grilled cheese with cooked veggies. My husband chose the 2 egg breakfast.

She kept giving us dirty looks and touching Toast Boy's face (something I really can't stand). We were still holding him and asked for a high chair. It never came and we eventually went to get it ourselves.

Toast Girl quickly found a small watch battery which freaked us out and we handed to the waitress. There was also a ton of gross food under the table so she really had to stay put on the bench. Any noises that our kids made were returned with angry looks from the staff. I really felt unwelcome the entire time. The waitress came back to re-take our order because she forgot what it was.

When our coffee came, it was alright coffee, but it was an extra $2.25 or so and she never returned to refill it except when she brought the bill and we asked for more coffee. The waitress also made no effort to keep it out of the baby's reach and my heart jumped when she swung it right by his face. The kids milk came in a glass cup with a straw and was spilled all over the table. Luckily there was a napkin dispenser on the table because there would have been no help from the staff.

The food came it about 10 minutes. There was an add on the table saying that they proudly serve mcCain fries.. Im not sure why they are proud to serve them out of a bag, but even so, they were mushy.

The frittata was a greasy mess of sausages, tomatoes, onions, and eggs hidden under way too much cheese.

The 2 egg breakfast was so so. The eggs were cooked over easy instead of over medium, the sausage was very greasy, and the homefries were a fail.

The grilled cheese and veggies looked good. Real cut and cooked veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots). But they were served on a piping hot plate. Im not sure why they would heat the plate of a toddler but it is not a good idea. We had to remove her food from it and put the plate out of reach so that she wouldn't get burned.

Even with the poor service and food quality, our total bill before taxes/tip was over $30. Coffee was not included.

Two eggs over medium, white toast, and sausage with homefries
Grilled Cheese with a side of veggies

Frittata with toast

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  2. Rockin Johnnys is awesome. You're either exaggerating, or came on their worst day ever, because they're ALWAYS flawless whenever I go. I'm a loyal customer!