Friday, 28 December 2012

Cora's- Kanata

If you do breakfast, chances are that you have been to Cora's. A lot of folks have it out for this place, and I'm not sure why. I still love it each and every time. True that the menu doesn't change much, but I love the fruit and it keeps me coming back.

We stopped in around noon today for brunch and it was very quiet. It took a couple of minutes for the waitress to notice us. When she did, she grabbed some menus, a kids menu and a high chair. We were seated at a table for 6 so that the carseat would have enough space on the table but there was still plenty of room for the 4 of us.

We were greeted with a smile and the kids were fussed over a bit. Our coffees were brought and refilled often and our daughter's milk came in a paper cup with a lid and straw. She knocked it over in a matter of seconds and we were so happy not to have a mess to clean up.

I didn't realize that their menu is not available online so excuse the lack of accurate prices and names of the dishes.

I ordered a vegetable skillet with a fried egg on the top and a side of rye toast. It was pretty good. There wasn't any seasoning on it but the veggies balanced each other out in a way that didn't really need extra flavour. It included carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, green peppers, and onions that were laid over home fries and topped with an egg cooked to order. There was also a small bowl of fruit included with kiwi, pineapple, canteloupe, orange, and strawberry. They were all good except the pineapple which was tough and unripe. I enjoyed this meal but made a mental note to include when I found a slice of ham mixed in with the veggies. I'm not by any means a vegetarian, but I was concerned for veggie diners that it would make it's way into a vegetarian meal.

Toast Man ordered a ham and swiss omelette. It was very tasty and he really enjoyed it. It came with a side of homefries and a slice of orange as well as toast.

Toast Girl ordered a chocolate brioche french toast with strawberries and bananas. It looked just as phanomenal on her plate as in the picture and tasted even better. It was soft and practically melted in your mouth. We were happy to polish it off for her when she announced she was full.

The place is bright and sunny and I have yet to visit when there is not several small children seated throughout the restaurant. The staff seems to be used to kids and though it was still a little embarrassing when our toddler threw a tantrum, we didn't get any dirty looks or comments. The high chairs seemed to be in good working order and there was a change table in the handicapped washroom. They have a kids menu that contains pictures of all of their meals and makes it easy for kids to decide what they would like to order (Notice how she didn't order pancakes?). They also have several chickens scattered around the restaurant (statues!) which excites my poultry loving kid. She loves to count them and make up stories about what they are doing.

Cost-wise it was still pricey. The coffee was not included in the price and the kids meal cost more than adult meals at most restaurants. Our total bill was around $35

Children's Chocolate Brioche French Toast

Ham and Swiss Omelette

Vegetable skillet with an egg and fruit
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