Monday, 17 December 2012

Colonade Pizza

This morning we dined at Colonade pizza in the Farm Boy Plaza, off Hazeldean. We we arrived, we were greeted with a "Good Morning" and a smile and told to sit wherever we liked. We found a table for 4 and sat down, despite it being dirty still. After about 10 minutes the waitress came by to offer crayons and a sheet torn from a colouring book to Toast Girl and asked her to keep the sheet on a placemat so that she doesn't get crayons on the table. It was a little straight forward, but the placemat had princesses on it, so it was welcomed by my little girl excitedly. As she wiped the table, Toast Boy was woken up by the waitress' loud voice, and she didn't seem to notice that this was the case. She did smile at him a lot and seemed to enjoy the kids though.

It took another 10-15 minutes for the waitress to come back again to take our orders because she was chatting with another customer who seemed to be friends with her. She took our drink orders at the same time as our meal orders. We both ordered coffees (the menu specified 1 coffee per meal but she didn't charge us for refills) and a milk for Toast Girl. There was no kids meal so I ordered the pancakes and added the "fresh fruit" for an additional charge, to share with Toast Girl (About $10). Toast Man ordered an all meat omelette (about $10). Sorry, I can't remember the exact prices. I will update that later. Our total bill was $23 before tax/tip for 2 breakfasts and a $3 milk.

The food took about 10 minutes to come out and we had to find our own cuttlery, ketchup and creamers for coffee. Our coffee came out but the milk didn't. We received Toast Girl's milk AFTER she had finished her meal and we were still charged $3 for it. It was in a small plastic cup with no lid and it was filled to the brim. The chances of not spilling it were slim to none. I was not impressed.

The pancakes were thick but tasted like instant pancakes from a box. The "fresh fruit" was brought out afterwards and was actually a fruit cocktail from a can. I was disappointed since I pictured pancakes with fresh fruit as pancakes topped with berries or bananas. Instead, they were in a bowl with a spoon next to us and Toast Girl didn't eat any of them since she is not used to canned fruit.

Toast Man ordered a meat omelette that he said tasted alright if you add ketchup. I tried it and had to agree that the ketchup is a must, and I don't like ketchup on my eggs. The homefries were bland. Nothing special. Just deep fried home fries. Ketchup was added there too.

The woman's bathroom had a change table. There were several high chairs and booster seats, However, the one they brought us had a broken seatbelt buckle and I noticed that others were the same when I went to help myself to a second high chair. For an older baby/toddler it is alright, but for a small one, a broken seatbelt is a safety hazard that ticks me off.

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