Saturday, 19 January 2013

Zak's Diner (Kanata)

The Toast family and some Toast Friends did the breakfast thing at Zak's this morning. Accommodating 3 kids was not a problem for this family friendly establishment. They have plenty of high chairs and booster seats to go around. We greeted our friends at a booth in the middle of the restaurant, which is colorfully decorated and has a bounty of TV's airing cartoons. The tables are long enough to fit 2 families and, from past experiences we know that bucket seats fit nicely on them as well. Each child was provided with a coloring placemat and crayons. Another thing they offer is a little basket of saltine crackers on the table for the kids to munch on while they wait for their food. This little gesture makes a world of difference to keep little mouths happy and is very appreciated by us Toasts.

We ordered our drinks, browsed the menu and chatted. The service wasn't super speedy, but not noticeably long. The coffee was decent and the kids' drinks came in paper cups with lids and straws. While my toddler was insisting on spoon-feeding me my coffee, I grabbed napkins from the dispenser on the table and it became even more apparent that the restaurant was geared towards families.

Our orders included a breakfast burrito, the Zak's Big Breakfast, Pancakes, and a bowl of Special K cereal. There was also a kids breakfast menu consisting of pancakes, french toast, or eggs and meat, but the kids had other plans this morning. The cereal was brought before any other foods. It kept Toast Girl Busy, but her Toast Friend didn't have something to eat yet. The rest of the food came a few minutes later. They were all at a decent temperature and generously portioned. The home fries were average, but not bad. I think that could be said about all the food. None of it was exceptional but it hit the spot and we left full and content. The scrambled eggs seemed pre-made and the contents of the burrito were jarred, not fresh. They fruit was decent and ripe. They were bowls of pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew, and strawberries.

The washrooms are equipped with change tables and the entire place is quite family friendly. We were happy and felt comfortable there with our kids. 

The Menu is available online here

Big Breakfast

Lumberjack Breakfast

Breakfast burrito

Plain and Chocolate Chip Pancakes

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