Sunday, 20 January 2013

Heart and Soul (Dunrobin)

This morning we got last minute reservations at Dunrobin's popular Heart and Soul Cafe. Good company, fantastic food, and the cozy atmosphere made it a perfect morning. Every breakfast go-er needs to eat here, but reservations are a must.

The restaurant is a converted farm house with a special charm. It is small so when the kids are loud, it does fill the room as much as it would in, say, your own dining room. We used both of the available high chairs for our group, only one of which is equipped with a seat belt. If you are coming with babies, it would be wise to bring your own booster seat/high chair. One of the high chairs was an antique in need of some repairs, so we would have been more comfortable had we brought our own. Despite these slight drawbacks, the restaurant goes above and beyond to offer a special experience for children. Upon arrival, each child's space is prepared with a Melissa and Doug placemat (clean and in great shape) with twistable chunky crayons, and a plate of fresh cut fruits. Water was brought out in a glass decorated with an umbrella and fruit. That umbrella was cherished for it's entire short life! Toys are available for purchase at the counter, should you child need a little extra distraction. The waiter (owner??) was very friendly and explained that he could get us anything we would like whether it was on the menu or not, stating that many regulars create their own menu, and anything can be turned into a child's portion. Our coffees were nice and strong and kept full and hot.

The menu is one to drool over with meals like crepes, waffles, and several benedicts. It took a while to decide on which options to choose. In the end, we ordered: the ham, cheese, and asparagus crepe; a smoked salmon benedict, an order of child-sized gingerbread pancakes, the heart and soul special, and the breakfast special. It took a little longer to get all the meals (truth be told, I didn't notice because I was chatting, but Toast Man mentioned it afterwards), but they were all served fresh, warm, and delicious!

The ham, cheese, and asparagus with scrambled egg crepe was fantastic, with just the right blend of all the ingredients and drizzled with Hollandaise sauce. It was served with home fries, which were mini potatoes, halved and seasoned and garnished with fruits. The specials looked fantastic and the pancakes were heart shaped and served with cinnamon apples. The gingerbread flavor was delicious. Even Toast Girl's best Toast buddy (age 2) ate all of his breakfast, which is a rare occurrence!

We loved eating here! Would come back again and again!

The menu is available online here

Kids "Welcome" fruit plate (minus a few bites from a very hungry Toast Girl)

Asperagus, ham, and cheese egg scramble crepe

Neptune Benedict

Side heart shaped gingerbread pancakes

Kids Gingerbread pancakes

Heart and Soul Special

Breakfast Special

Affordability  (While some meals were closer to $15, the heart and soul special is only $6.50)
Food Quality/Taste
Family Friendliness

Speed of Service
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