Monday, 7 January 2013

Gabriel's Pizza - Kanata

Saturday morning, the Toast family headed over to Gabriel's pizza in Bridlewood. We were seated right away in the back of the restaurant and were provided with high chairs, kids menus and crayons. Our waitress was quick to bring the coffees and a small (toddler-friendly) juice. Seriously, I can't stress enough the importance of lids! Sticky and wet clothes can turn a good morning sour. Thanks Gabriels, You did it Right!

The menu had some unique options like breakfast pizzas. They had a kids breakfast menu that offered pancakes, french toast, eggs and bacon, cereal, and grilled cheese! All kids meals cost $5.

The waitress was quick, friendly, and good with kids. We were happy.

I ordered the vegetarian breakfast pizza and Toast Man ordered the 1 egg breakfast. Toast girl had pancakes.

The food came out in about 10 minutes. Toast Girl's pancakes were average, but she enjoyed them. Toast Man was thrilled that his eggs were cooked perfectly over-medium like he asked. His ham was decent and we were please that there was some fruit slices on his plate for Toast Boy to gum while we ate. He felt a little cheated on his homefries, however, because it seems as through they were regular, plain, deep fried home fries, but they mixed cooked onions in AFTER. That kind of defeats the purpose of using onions to flavour them, and he wasn't impressed with the taste. The vegetarian pizza was delicious and a could barely finish half of it because it was so filling. It was like a regular pizza but with hollandaise sauce instead of tomato sauce and also a thin layer of egg. It was hard to stop eating it, because it was so good.

The place overall was pretty kid-friendly. There were change tables in the washrooms, plenty of high chairs, and several kids in the restaurant.

Our bill was just over $20 which is fantastic compared to recent breakfast excursions. Coffees and the kids milk were all included in the cost of the meals. The kids meals were $5, the pizza was $10 and the 1 egg breakfast was $6.

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 The menu is available online here

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