Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Barley Mow - Kanata

I had some awful experiences here in the past. To be fair I was pregnant on nearly all of those occassions so I may be been harder to please. Either way, this visit ended well and and we will return.

This pub is located in Kanta North and you need to pass through big double doors to enter. These big dark pub doors are contrasted by a little basket of toys and puzzels on the floor. If we hadn't had our Superstuffed Toast Pack of toys, that would have been a great contribution to the sanity of our meal.

We were seated "anywhere" we wanted and we chose a table for 4 by the window. The waitress brought us 2 high chairs and a kids menu with crayons. Toast girl requested some milk and we got our usual coffees.

The coffees and a small plastic cup of milk were brought quickly, and we barely had time to decide what we wanted before the waitress was back to take our orders. Toast Man ordered a 2 egg breakfast, I chose the mushroom and swiss benny and Toast girl surprized us with an order of waffles.

The food arrived in about 10 minutes or so. The homefries were very nicely seasoned, the eggs were cooked to perfection and our food tasted great. The only comment that Toast Man had, was that the cheese on my benedict wasn't melted. It still tasted great though. I had a hard time only eating one side of it because it was so delicious. The plate included a salad, which, the exception of the tomatoes, was pretty good. I got it with a balsamic vinegerette. Toast Girl's waffles were pretty bad, though. I think they may have confused the word lemon zest with lemon juice in the recipe. They were actually sour. Stay clear of these. Her ham was good though.

Our bill ended up being in the high 20's. However, there was a note on the receipt that said you could bring it back the following Saturday for 2 for 1 breakfast. Of course, we accidentally forgot ours. Oops!

Overall its a pretty good place to go. The layout is unique with a bar in the center, tables on the right side and cubby-like tables on the left side. They have doors that close so that you are in a little room. This would be a great spot for people who want to contain their monkeys or a new mother who is still nervous about nursing in public.

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