Sunday, 13 January 2013

Moxies - Kanata


If you have some extra cash, and some well behaved kids, check out this eye-catching restaurant in Kanata Centrum. Then place is upscale and beautifully decorated, but surprisingly family friendly. Upon arrival the hostess helps open the door and greets you warmly.

We were seated at a booth and provided with crayons, an activity placemat, and menus. Highchairs are also available. The breakfast menu is small but none of the options will disappoint you. There are 2 meals listed for kids- An egg sandwich, or French toast with fruit. We discussed the menu after ordering coffees and a kids milk. The beverages arrived quickly and we placed our orders: A breakfast enchilada, a bacon and cheese omelet, and the kids French toast. They all arrived in less than 10 minutes and our coffees were kept full and hot. The kids milk came in a fancy glass with a straw. That is really our only criticism of the place. The food arrived nice and hot (but not too hot) and presented beautifully on our plates. The enchilada was delicious and I could taste guacamole and cilantro in the blend of flavors. It was composed of scrambled eggs, cheddar, black beans, corn, and salsa. The omelet was delicious with just the right amount of cheese in it. The French toast was decadent and served with strawberries and other fruits. Both adult meals came with grated potatoes which were nicely seasoned and crispy, as well as fruit. After breakfast, I brought Toast Girl to the washroom to clean her hands. Can I just say, that the bathrooms are beautiful! They have a fireplace, big lounge chairs/makeup chairs, and closed in stalls. The change table is located in the stall at the end of the row, farthest away from the door. I wouldn't have known this, if it hadn't been for a past visit with newborn toast girl in arms. The manager personally came out to congratulate us on the baby and had the waitress escort us to the washroom to show us where the change table was.

Once we had pottyed and de'sticky'fied, we returned to the table where one of the chefs(??) was waiting for us with a surprise for Toast Girl. I didn't realize that each kids meal came with an icecream, regardless of it being breakfast time! But this was extra special. After placing the bowl in front of Toast Girl, he poured some water into the edges of the bowl, which was actually a double bowl (one inside the other), and it began to flood the table with a low lying fog! There was liquid nitrogen in there!!! Now that was one of the coolest things I have ever seen a restaurant do! We marveled as we watched the fog spill across the table and curtain down, and Toast Girl and Toast Boy dug into their breakfast icecream.

The price tag wasn't great, so unfortunately they loose points in that department. However, this was a special treat and the experience (SMOKING ICECREAM!!!) was worth the cost. We will be back as soon as we sell all of our valuables. It came out to over $40. Coffees were not included but the milk was.

The restaurant is upscale and though the staff is extremely friendly and all seemed to adore the kids, I'm not sure if the other patrons enjoy kids as much. The booths are enclosed, though and it is actually quite private. Luckily, ours were also pretty well behaved today.

Sadly, our camera died before we got to take pictures of the food today so we had to settle for Toast Man's less than ideal phone camera. The pictures do not do it justice. We must go back to redo them :P

Kids French Toast

Breakfast Enchilada

Bacon and Cheese Omelette
The erupting volcano icecream (So Cool!)

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