Saturday, 12 January 2013

Kanata Family Diner

This morning we wound up at the Kanata Family Diner. It's a small place located in a strip mall and wedged between a Mac's and a learning center. The place isn't much to look at with it's outdated decor and leaky ceilings, but the regulars rave of the affordability, food and service of this family run eatery.

The restaurant is a sit where you would like kind of a place where the owner is the waitress and the only staff working out front. It was quiet and she welcomed each customer with a smile as she set their table. We were brought a high chair while Toast Girl parked herself on the bench. I only saw a single high chair and a booster seat, though the high chair was a real home-style type with a tray. There may have been more somewhere, but I recommend calling to check first if you have several little ones and possibly bringing your own seat. We were able to place our order as soon as we decided and our coffees were kept full. The child sized drink were brought in a glass cup with a straw. The menu was quite large with many different option. There was a section of it devoted to kids with options including bacon and eggs, French toast, and pancakes. We decided on the kids pancake with fruit, the vegetarian benedict, and the one egg breakfast with ham.

The food arrived in 10 minutes and looked surprisingly tantalizing. The benedict's ($10) English muffin was perfectly toasted and topped with melted cheese and spinach, an egg, and hollandaise sauce. It was served with home fries. I wasn't a fan of the home fries, but that is personal preference. They are slightly sweetened and I can't wrap my taste buds around that one. The one egg breakfast was cooked well and with a $5 price tag, who's to complain? The kids' pancake with fruit ($6) was painted with rows of berries, cherries in syrup, and bananas. Our child was wild afterwards from the sugar, but it was a delicious treat.

I would recommend avoiding the washroom. It has no change table and the hall leading to it is littered with stuff.

Overall, it is a friendly, affordable place to eat. Not many bells and whistles but the food is good and we left happy.

One Egg Breakfast with ham

Kids Pancakes with fruit

Vegetarian Benedict

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