Sunday, 2 March 2014

Milestones (Kanata)

A last second (mid-intersection) change of plans this morning brought us to the newly built and just opened Milestones in Kanata Centrum. We parked on the side and took a big breath as the front doors were opened to our messy faced toddlers by hostesses dressed better than me on my very best day. This might not end well, we thought. The smiling hostess looked over the seating plan to chose the best table for our family and then led the way over with an itty bitty high chair that sat right on the bench. This wasn't a booster seat, but looked like a wooden high chair with short legs! This is one thing I haven't seen before so my day was already more exciting. The restaurant was classy and we sunk into our seats a little lower when Toast girl started to make a fuss and the waitress came over while Toast boy started chewing on the wine menu. The waitress was incredibly welcoming to our less than classy group and joked around with the kids while she took our drink orders and gave each child a kids menu and crayons. The drinks came right away: Starbucks coffee for the grown-ups and milk for the kids with little plastic animals hanging off the sides of the glasses. We placed our orders quickly since the kids were getting hungry and having a harder time than usual. As Toast Boy started protesting our injust decision to stop him from throwing crayons over the table divider to the next diners, the waitress came to the rescue announcing that she brought a zoo for them to play with! She handed out little plastic camels, giraffes, and chimpanzees to our little toast-inos who were distracted long enough for their food to arrive at the table.

Toast girl ordered a nine dollar grilled cheese sandwich with french fries, of which she had 3 bites before announcing she was full. Toast boy had the creamy chedder penne, which Toast Girl ate half of, so it must have been good! Toast Man ordered the knife and fork sandwich, a delicious looking specimine: french toast hugging: an egg, sausage, bacon, cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce drizzled with hollandaise sauce. I had a few bites and it was even better than it looked. Toast man practically licked his plate (and Im pretty sure Toast boy did!). I had the Prime Rib Hash. Yes... Prime Rib Hash. It was delicious. When I took the first bite, I think it may have bitten me back. It has flavour! I didn't expect so much punch in my brunch (say that out loud now!) But it was good. The two poached eggs were perched at the top of a mountain of AAA prime rib, roasted potatoes, peppers, onions, and corn in some sort of barbecue sauce and topped with Holandaise sauce. Its not your average bacon and eggs, but if you are looking for something new, exciting and delicious, then you will be thrilled this dish. It's a large portion, this gal couldn't finish it, even though I wanted to!

The kids meals were finished off with a scoop of gelato and a cookie! We sent the kids under the table (see what I did there?) to clean up the crayons while we snuck a few bites. It was good!

Bathrooms smelled funny.. But there was a change table for those with itty bitties and it was pretty clean. On our way out the bartended came out to chat with Toast Girl and gave her another little animal. These people really love kids!

The bill was on the high end, as we suspected, but the service and the food was well worth it. The staff never acted as though our kids were unwelcome, as we worried, but were incredibly welcoming and catered beyond expectation to our young family

Great job Milestones and thank you for a wonderful brunch!

Kids Grilled Cheese

Prime Rib Hash

Kids creamy cheddar penne

Knife and Fork Breakfast

The zoo that our amazing waitress brought to our kids when they were upset

How the drinks are brought- Wait, not the crayon. That was our kids' addition. 

Kids meal gelato and a cookie

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