Monday, 24 February 2014

Woody's Elgin Street Urban Pub

On Saturday morning we were cruising downtown looking for a new spot to eat when, a little voice from the back seat called out “I NEED TO GO POTTY! RIGHT. NOW.” So as quick as we could, we parked the car and ran into the nearest restaurant: Woody’s Elgin Steet Urban Pub. I tend to avoid places who’s names begin with W’s and end with Y’s, just out of a inexplicable sense of uneasiness, but on this occasion I am happy we wandered into this pub which caters mostly to students.
                The place was cute, with a fireplace and high backed chairs. Beatles music played softly as we seated ourselves in a quiet corner near the washroom. The kids were given children’s menus and offered high chairs or booster seats, and the Olympic games were airing on the wall mounted tv’s. Since Toast Girl no longer had to go to the washroom…not even a little bit, we started scoping out the menu. It boasted free-range local eggs (A huge bonus for us!), an all-you-can-eat Sunday brunch buffet, and many other delicious options. The kids’ menu was compiled of lunch or dinner options, so our Toast kids shared an adult portion of banana bread French toast. Toast Man ordered a 2 egg with bacon breakfast, and I tried out the delicious-sounding, but not overly healthy, smoked meat hash.

The place was pretty quiet most of the time while we were there. No line ups, and quiet enough to have a good conversation (if your children let you!), but the music, free wifi, friendly service and atmosphere would be great for solo diners as well.  
The food came out in about 15-20 minutes. The kids devoured the French toast, even though the serving was quite large. I didn’t get a bite, but Toast Man snuck one and raved about it while Toast girl scolded him for it. The smoked meat hash was delicious, but the potatoes were just slightly undercooked. The rest was fabulous, and made up for it, though.
Toast Man’s homefries were nicely seasoned and his eggs were cooked great too. We all really enjoyed this restaurant. The total bill was around $50, at the upper mid-range for a family of 4. Coffee was unlimited but not free. The bathroom didn’t have a change table since it was so tiny, but they had a counter large enough to change a bum if needed.

Check this place out if you’re downtown. It’s a nice spot! I would love to try the Sunday buffet some day.

Banana Bread French Toast

2 Egg Breakfast with Bacon 

Smoked Meat Hash

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