Friday, 21 March 2014


This was our second visit to Zola's restaurant in Bell's Corners. The first time, the food and service were both great, but for some reason we never got around to writing a review. We were excited to return to finally write their review. When you walk into Zola's the first thing that hits you is the smell of baking bread. It makes you hungry instantly and draws you in to sit down. The had high chairs for the kids and a kids menu.

I ordered the Lemon blueberry risotto pancakes, Toast Man had an omelette, Toast Girl had French toast, and Toast Boy had a scrambled egg breakfast. The pancakes weren't as great as the name. I found the flavour too bland, and it was too much of the same thing. The omelette was highly enjoyed by Toast man. Toast Girl loved the french toast, and Toast boy ate more than Ive seen him eat before. The server took a long time to bring the bill after we requested it, so Toast Girl did some photography of her own, that you get to enjoy!

The food is served with with a side of fried tomato unless you request something else. We assumed that it was served with potatoes, and I believe the chefs in the kitchen overheard my husband say this to me, as he quickly cooked up some home fries and asked for them to be served to our table. So, great service from the kitchen!
Toast Girl's photography - juice and wooden doll 

Toast Girl's photography- kitty cat

Toast Girl's photography- the restaurant

The kitchen

Blueberry Lemon risotto pancakes

Kids bacon and eggs breakfast


Side of potatoes- delicious if you love pepper (I do!), but too spicy for the kids.

Family Friendliness 
Speed/Quality of Service 

Food Quality/Taste 

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