Sunday, 24 February 2013

Tutti Fruitti

On our way to Little Ray's Reptile Zoo this morning, we stopped for some breakfast at Tutti Fruitti. This restaurant is very similar to Coras, with sculpted fruit plates and many options including crepes, omelettes, etc. Inside it is a loud and busy restaurant with many tables and there was no line.

We were seated right away, given high chairs, children's menu, crayons. Coffees were ordered and drinks for the littles. Our waitress looked just like Brittany S. Pierce from Glee and I thought that was funny. Behind our table was a chef who worked exclusively on the fruit in his own designated open kitchen. Next to that was a busy kitchen with a dozen cooks and a cafeteria look where the waitresses helped themselves to certain portions of the meals including cereals and toasts.

We chose a fruity feta omelette, Asparagus and Swiss Benedict, and chocolate chip and banana pancakes. They took about 10 minutes to bring out the adult meals while the kids waited an extra 5 minutes for their food. Any parent knows that this is a big no-no for restaurants who cater to families.

The benedict was good. Not exceptional, but I enjoyed it. The waitress asked casually while ordering if I want onions in the home fries. I didn't realize that they would charge an extra dollar for them. I was disappointed that they weren't actually cooked with them, but rather poured on top. They seemed to be steamed and were very flavorless. Not a happy addition to the side at all. The fruit was great. Nicely sculpted and perfectly ripe. Toast Man enjoyed the feta omelette very much. It contained large chunks of feta cheese and green and red peppers. The pancakes were quite good too. The kids really enjoyed the big selection of fruits available.

The service wasn't great. We waited for a while for our coffees to be refilled and it only happened once. The prices were average for that type of restaurant, though the kids meal was reasonably priced at $5. Coffee was not included in the price, either.

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