Sunday, 17 February 2013

Elgin Street Diner

Saturday we went to Winterlude and Toast Man was very keen on eating at ESD downtown afterwards. Parking was hard to find and we only found a spot a few blocks away. After a mad dash through the cold, we walked in. It was a very busy place with tons of tables pushed close together. We were seated at the back of the restaurant and given a colouring menu, crayons, and a high chair. We ordered coffees and milk and checked out the menu. We were pretty late, but were set on breakfast. We ordered the All day breakfast and Toast Girl ordered blueberry pancakes.

While we waited, we watched massive plates of food carried to different tables. I had debated ordering a poutine, but when one was lugged across the dining room standing nearly a foot tall and wide, I thought that my diet would thank me for passing. They looked so good!

Our food didn't take too long to arrive. It included eggs, toast (white, whole wheat, rye, egg, etc!), meat, beans, and homefries. Coffee is included. The homefries were like a mashed potato but very tasty. The kids pancakes tasted home made and were finished by toast girl. The food was all palatable and satisfying. It wasn't anything amazingly unique, but it was pretty decent none the less.

If you have kids in diapers, change them before arriving. There are no change tables and the bathroom is tiny.

Price Range $7.99-$13.99

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