Sunday, 24 February 2013

Stone Face Dolly's

With a thirst for a more upscale breakfast experience this morning, we left our suburb to travel down to Little Italy this morning. Our destination: Stone Face Dolly's, which was boasted to us by many as the best breakfast in Ottawa. We were warned of a long wait, and without good reason. The line was out the door. Funny enough, we met 2 different people we knew inside. It is certainly a popular spot. Once we were  seated (about a 20 minute wait) we put Toast Boy in a high chair and check out  the menu. There was no children's menu but the adult menu looked amazing.
We ordered 2 coffees and a mango-orange  juice for Toast Girl (sadly, not as good as we had hoped). They were brought right away by our very friendly waitress. The staff was all very quick and very
friendly. The owner came over to say hi  to the kids for a bit and our coffees  were constantly full.

We carefully selected our meal choices. It all sounded so good. We settled on banana bread French toast for the kids, a 2 egg breakfast for Toast Man, and the standard eggs benedict with in-house made brown bread instead of English muffins.

The food came out surprisingly quickly. It was certainly less than 10 minutes,  but cooked perfectly to our requests, hot and delicious. The banana bread French Toast was a huge hit for the kids. I tried it too and it was even better than it sounded. The benedict had a unique seasoning that was slightly spicy. It was complimented by the sweet bread that was  the base of the benedict. It was served  with a bowl of fruit. The 2 egg breakfast was made better than average with their potato side and home-made bread. As recommended by a friend in line, the hot-sauce provided on the table, made the meal even more delicious. 

The price tag was on the high end. Our meal cost us over $50. Coffee was not included and there was no children's pricing. 

Overall, we were happy with our experience here. Children are clearly not the target market, but if your kids appreciate a delicious meal and are capable of waiting in line for a while, then I wouldn't dismiss it. For our readers without kids, just do it. Its worth every penny.

Price range: $7.25-$16.75

The menu is available online here

Toast Rating:

Family Friendliness
Speed of Service  (Once seated the service was very fast. There was a 20 minute wait for the table, and often much longer waits)

Food Quality/Taste

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