Sunday, 11 May 2014

Heart and Crown (Preston Street)

This morning we chose to eat in Little Italy before visiting the Tulip festival. We found paring near Heart and Soul, which happened to have lots of patio seating available, so the decision was easy!

We were seated at the back of the patio is a nice sunny spot shielded from the wind. What a gorgeous day for a patio breakfast! I asked the hostess for a high chair and she ran to get one, but was sadly never seen again. So our little Toast boy sat in a regular chair. It didn't take long for him to climb down to explore, and as he did, I noticed that there was broken glass everywhere on the ground! We had to make sure to hold him so that he wouldn't climb down again and get cut.

Service was friendly but slow. I was mother's day, though, so it was expected. They did bring out Toast Boy's food first, so we could tell they were trying to accommodate our hungry critters. We ordered the Irish breakfast, Toast Man had the benedict, Toast Girl had Chocolate Chip Pancakes, and Toast Boy had the Irish Muffin. The kids coloured the kids menus while we waited.

Toast Man enjoyed the benedict, and we both liked the marble toast option. The homefries weren't great, the the sauteed onion and mushrooms that were included in the Irish breakfast helped to flavour them when I mixed them in. The kids breakfast came with Tater tots, which were not a hit. The kids ate all of my eggs, and I couldn't help compare the taste of the sausages to bologna. Toast Girl's chocolate chip pancakes didn't have chocolate chips in them, but were, instead covered in a ton of icing sugar. Im not sure if there was a blizzard in the kitchen, or if they were trying to hide the lack of chocolate chips, but as a parent, I was less than impressed. The orange juice was seriously watered down. I think a glass of water with a slice of orange, would give the same taste.

Overall, I was less than impressed. They didn't seem prepared for the occasion, and I would chose many other restaurants over this one, in the future.

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