Saturday, 3 May 2014

All Seasons Restaurant and Bar

A trip to the museum of Science and Tech this morning, lent the opportunity to try out a new restaurant. Urbanspoon directed us to All Seasons Restaurant and Bar, on Cyrville Road. We drove right past it, before we turned on the GPS that led us back the other way. We walked in and were asked to ourselves wherever we would like. We chose a seat next to another family with a small child. It didn't take long to realise that everyone in the restaurant was known by first name by the waitress. The other family in there even recognised that we were "newbies" and welcomed us with menu suggestions: Ask for the homefries to be extra crispy and add onions. So, of course, we did! And they were pretty darn good! They also recommended the beans, but we unfortunately didn't try them out.

The restaurant seems to be a ma and pop establishment. The menu included variations of breakfast meats, eggs, pancakes, and french toast. They had some specials written on a white board that sounded interesting too. There was no kids menu, so the kids split the house special: Pancake, eggs, bacon, sausage, homefries, ham, toast. A lot of food, but they ate nearly all of it! I had the 2 egg breakfast and Toast man had another house special. 

The food came quickly, and the portions were very generous. It was a great greasy spoon breakfast. the bacon had the perfect crisp to it, the homefries weren't greasy, and tasted great, (especially extra crispy with onions!)  

There isn't any children's menu, colouring sheets, or change tables in the washroom, but they did have a booster seat, and friendly service and welcoming patrons.

Family Friendliness 
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